The Team


Rod Cone

Thoroughbred Trainer

Rod Cone is the founder and president of Equine Extreme. He is a renowned thoroughbred trainer with over 50 years of experience in Alberta and California. He has won over 800 races and multiple stake races, including two Canadian derbies.

Steven Smith, BSc, DVM

Equine Veterinarian

Steven Smith is a successful equine veterinarian with over 10 years experience working with some of Western Canada's finest equine athletes. After completing his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Saskatoon he spent 2 years in practice dividing his time between Manitoba working for Elders Equine and Christchurch, New Zealand working for Pete Gillespie, cofounder of Vet Equine on New Zealand's South Island. After that Dr Smith returned to his native Alberta where he started his own successful practice in Edmonton. He has a particular interest in equine sports medicine and performance issues.

Robert Ippolito, PhD

Research Chemist

Dr. Ippolito has almost 40 years of experience in industry performing medicinal chemistry and research and development, particularly with natural products. He has extensive laboratory experience extracting, purifying, and analyzing natural ingredients. He is responsible for ensuring the active ingredients in our products are pure and effective.

Louis Heerze, PhD

Formulations Chemist

Dr. Heerze has a MSc. in organic chemistry and a PhD. in biochemistry, and is the formulation chemist for Equine Extreme. He has over thirty years research and development experience in the pharmaceutical industry developing medicinal products. He is currently focusing on formulating natural topical health and grooming products for horses.

Haley Wolgien


Haley Wolgien is the Chemical Technologist for Equine Extreme. She carries out R&D for new products and assists with scale-up production of the products for sale today. She keeps the team organized and manages the paperwork and procedures that ensure our products are made safely and properly. She also designed the new product labels and has made banners, brochures, and other promotional material for Equine Extreme, including this very website.